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Restaurant Manager

at JAE Restaurant Group

Posted: 9/27/2019
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 0727d43f-4bec-4e1f-bfaa-58cf70ca116a
Keywords: operations

Job Description

Detailed Roles and Responsibilities

Essential Functions

  • Must be prompt and reliable in coming to work; take and provide direction and work well with others; work in a fast paced environment and accomplish multiple tasks within established timeframes; stand much of the work day; concentrate and perform duties accurately; react to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned; perform the Accountabilities and Key Measurement Criteria; fulfill the Knowledge and Ability Section, and perform as stated in the Work Environment; Physical Demands Section.


  • Trains, monitors, and reinforces food safety procedures to Shift Supervisors, Crew members, and Trainees.Ensures all food safety procedures are executed according to Company policies and health/sanitation regulations; takes corrective actions, as appropriate.

  1. Follows all food safety procedures as outlined in the ops manual.
  2. Training and execution of all JAE Restaurant Group food safety procedures and compliance with all Health Department regulations.Critical items escalated immediately.
  3. Washing of hands observed, enforced and role modelled.
  4. Proper usage of total store cleaning systems.
  5. All hand washing and food safety related Training Guides completed.
  6. Health Department evaluation results.
  7. Execution of established food borne illness reporting procedures.
  8. Completes Food Safety Log.
  • Works with restaurant management team to meet sales goals versus budget and prior year, including participation in local store marketing programs.Assists in development and execution of sales building plans.Executes appropriate plans to resolve unfavorable trends and enhance sales.
  1. Sales performance of key initiatives including:Budget; Transaction growth %; service times; late night sales $; pick up window %; kids meals; identification and communication of store sales trends to TSM/GM; action steps taken to reverse negative trends; execution of national and local marketing programs; execution of new product roll-outs and participation in community programs to enhance goodwill for JAE Restaurant Group.
  • Manages food, labor, and paper costs and other controllable expenses.Works with restaurant management team to address profit variances and maximize profit results.
  1. Profit performance vs. budget and prior year.
  2. Management of food, labor, paper, and other controllable costs.
  3. Execution of labor hours vs. guide.
  4. Monitoring and follow-up of food preparation, production, and procedures execution.
  5. Identification and communication of profit trends to TSM/GM.
  • Executes Company policies and procedures for the control of cash, property, product, and equipment.Monitors inventory levels to ensure product availability and orders product.Manages and maintains safe working conditions.Ensures execution of preventive maintenance.
  1. Execution of policies and procedures for control of cash, property, product, and equipment.
  2. Execution of flow charts to ensure crew is meeting food prep and production goals.
  3. Training and monitoring of crew in cash and inventory controls.
  4. Coordinates compliance with Safety Audit; ensures resolution of non-compliance issues.
  5. Prompt and accurate reporting of accidents; initiation of corrective actions as appropriate to prevent recurrence.
  6. Execution of Preventative Maintenance Program.
  7. Reporting and monitoring of maintenance problems.
  8. Compliance with all federal, state, and local employment laws.
  9. Execution of procedures for control of cash, property, product, and equipment, including control of coupons, discounts, reg op voids, claim frequency.
  10. Execution of Safety and security policies as they relate to risk and casualty claim loss.
  • Assists in achieving/maintaining minimum company standards, B or better, on complete CEI Evaluations through the execution of Quality, Service, Cleanliness and "Customer Courtesy" standards on assigned works shifts, including the monitoring of food product quality. Manages, directs, and monitors Shift Supervisors and Crew Members to achieve QSC goals and to support total store "Service Excellence" on assigned shifts. Ensures "Customer Courtesy" policies/procedures are properly executed.
  1. Ensures CEI scores are maintained at standard.
  2. Execution of "Operations Leader" role, as directed.
  3. Crew and Shift Supervisor training and execution of Quality, Service and Cleanliness standards on assigned work shifts.
  4. Execution of guest relation activities, including interaction with guests.
  5. Frequency, nature and timely resolution of customer complaints.
  6. Achieves CPR (complaints, problems, revisit) Index goals.
  • Executes the restaurant's Human Resources programs for crew employees.Manages crew employees in a manner that maximizes retention.Assists the TSM/GM to achieve proper crew staffing levels.Creates and executes recruiting plan, including sourcing, interviewing, recommending, selecting, and orienting employees.Works with TSM/GM and local HR staff to ensure the Speak Out Program is effectively executed.
  1. Actual staffing levels versus goal.
  2. Actual crew turnover versus goal.
  3. Execution of plans to achieve crew turnover goals.
  4. Maintain application-handling system in non HMS stores.
  5. Utilization of approved interviewing tools, to facilitate the identification and recommendation of qualified crew candidates for further consideration who positively reflect JAE Restaurant Group image.
  6. Conducts timely and informative orientation for Shift Supervisors and Crew Members new to store; utilizing existing systems.
  7. Assists TSM/GM in ensuring compliance with Federal and State employment practices
  8. Sourcing, recruiting, selection, recognition, compensation, discipline and ensuring that other labor and employment practices are in compliance with all federal, state, and local employment laws.
  9. Management and resolution of performance issues with Shift Supervisors and crew; notification of performance issues to TSM/GM.
  10. Create environment in which employees are treated with respect and dignity.
  11. Execution of job training tax credit programs.
  • Provides proper training for Shift Supervisors and Crew Members through established systems and follows through to ensure compliance with Company standards.
  1. Execution of positional training and cross-training to achieve operating standards.
  2. Feedback, intervention and coaching to Shift Supervisors and Crew Members regarding operational changes and new products.
  3. Training and utilization of established store standards and systems.
  4. Training and mentoring of Shift Supervisors and Crew Members regarding operational changes and new products.
  5. Identification and development of candidates for Shift Supervisor positions.
  6. Audit and review of systems, checklists and work habits to ensure Shift Supervisors and Crew Members are demonstrating desired behaviors.
  • Ensures proper execution of and compliance with Company policies and procedures on assigned shifts.Works with GM/TSM to establish store priorities, and develops and executes stores plans.Anticipates and identifies problems and initiates appropriate corrective action.
  1. Execution of Company systems and opening procedures.
  2. Assists GM/TSM with creation and execution of store plan and store priorities.
  3. Proper escalation of issues.
  4. Utilization of approved uniform program and adherence to company dress and appearance policy.
  5. Performs other job-related duties as may be assigned or required.



  • Ability to learn and apply JAE Restaurant Group standard operating procedures.
  • Ability to learn and apply JAE Restaurant Group policies and procedures.
  • Ability to learn and apply JAE Restaurant Group Human Resources policies and procedures.
  • Supervisory practices.
  • Interviewing practices for Crew Members.
  • Ability to provide effective Shift Supervisor and Crew Member orientation and training programs.
  • Ability to satisfactorily complete recommended corporate training programs, including, but not limited to, Crew positional training program, Wendy's Management Institute and food safety (ServSafe or other Wendy's designated food safety training program).


  • ServSafe certified and has other food safety certifications as required by local or state law.
  • Associates degree and 1 year of line operations experience in the restaurant industry; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


In order to satisfactorily execute and meet the above responsibilities, a Restaurant Manager must perform managerial duties on site, in accordance with customary scheduling requirements for this position (including ability to work many different shifts and a minimum 50 hour workweek). The position frequently requires working at a fast pace and may involve exposure or noise, heat, cold or other elements. It is also necessary to use a headset to take orders, take direction or give direction. Restaurant Managers may be required to transfer from one location to another as business needs dictate. The Restaurant Manager position requires bending, kneeling, lifting and carrying (up to 25-50 pounds, as necessary), standing for long periods without a break, and ability to travel to other restaurants, Area Office or other designated locations, as necessary, e.g. the bank. Specific job functions, equipment use, physical and mental demands, and industrial conditions are detailed in the Operations Functional Analysis of Essentials (see Wendy's Operations Standards Manual).

JAE Restaurant Group will, upon request, provide reasonable accommodation in accordance with the ADA to the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified employee or applicant with a disability, unless to do so would cause the Company an undue hardship.