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at El Paso County, Texas

Pay: up to $57531.1/year
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Posted: 10/9/2019
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 2596422
Keywords: supervisor

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Minimum Qualifications

High School graduation, or its equivalent, plus four (4) years' experience related to environmental or health control functions/inspections, civil-construction inspection activity, including road construction or road maintenance experience, with one (1) year of experience in code compliance inspection and enforcement in drainage;
Certificates and Licenses Required
Must have or obtain by date of hire a valid Class "C" driver's license applicable to job responsibilities, with a driving record acceptable to the County of El Paso
State Designated Representative License
Texas Code Enforcement Representative License
Must obtain and maintain current all required State and Federal permits, licenses, and certifications applicable to assigned enforcement and regulatory duties

Typical Duties

Is directly responsible for the management and supervision of County Inspectors and office specialist within the Inspections Division of the Planning & Development Department, including assigning and reviewing  work conducted by County Inspectors; 
Coordinates with other Division managers within the Department related to civil-construction and environmental inspection activity, including on major road projects, grant projects operated within the County right-of-way, subdivision constructions as well as pre-construction or subject-specific meetings with developers, engineers, land owners or other authorized representatives as appropriate;
Conducts on-site inspection activities of road resurfacing/reconstruction work in process and completed projects to ensure compliance with plans and contract specifications; involves measuring proposed road sites and checking control points for road, utility and related data;
Plans, directs, and coordinates, through subordinate-level staff, the Division work plan; meets with management staff to identify and resolve problems; assigns projects and programmatic areas of responsibility; and reviews and evaluates work methods and procedures;
Selects, motivates, and evaluates department staff; provides or coordinates training and works with employees to correct deficiencies; maintains and updates department employees' personnel records;

Conducts a variety of organizational and operational studies; prepares a variety of reports and recommends modifications to department policies, procedures, and guidelines;
Initiates actions to improve departmental and county operations, employee performance, morale, and work methods, including effectively managing multiple assignments and priorities to ensure the fulfillment of projects, tasks, and responsibilities;
Maintains inspections records, including applicable citations and court-related information, and other related infrastructure; conducts site development assessments to ensure correct drainage, erosion and sediment-control measures are taken and done in accordance;
Keeps abreast of the County permit requirements, performs inspections and coordinates with contractor, developers, engineers, public and/or other agencies to ensure compliance;
Ensures Division staff compile, maintain applicable databases, records and files, including relevant field data for a variety of engineering uses in planning; records inspections ensuring construction is in compliance with current county codes, and ordinances; and all required work order document; and prepares specifications for each project; notifies supervisor or engineer of any conflicts or discrepancies and suggests corrective action or plan change;
Conducts final inspections and maintains a record of new and grandfathered septic system installations on private and public facilities for compliance with local and state regulations; inspect and assure abandonment and decommission of all tanks no longer in use is completed with appropriate paperwork inspection and fees;
Reviews plans and specifications of construction work to be accomplished within new subdivisions, commercial districts, and industrial parks, including monitoring work of subdivision, curbs, streets, drainage, streetlights, and traffic control; developing daily trench safety inspections of new construction and reconstruction work sites; and enforcing back-fill requirements;
Oversees the grading, paving, curbing, storm drain installation and erosion control within County maintained roads, as well as the installation, decommissioning and inspection of on-site sewage facilities on private property, by performing onsite inspection and plan compliance reviews through regular communication with contractors, developers, engineers, land owners and other general members of the public;
Conducts routine monitoring, inspections, investigations, sampling, surveying and proactive patrolling of unincorporated communities to promote public health, safety and erosion control by identifying any and all issues related to threats to public health and safety;
Presents programs to the general public, businesses, civic and community groups regarding program activities, laws, ordinances, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations to enlist community support in meeting desired program objectives, to include the dissemination of information regarding consumer, environmental, and public health activities;
Collects and submits information related to activity that may be harmful to human health, the environment or erosion control to the appropriate agencies for investigation, including investigation any illegal dumping, illegal discharge into waters of the state, and other related infractions. This may include collecting evidence and providing testimony for court, hearings, meetings or other situations related to noncompliance issues;
Provides public and contractors with information related to traffic control, road closures, time and date of proposed projects and responds to inquiries and complaints by retrieving records and "as built" notes and conducting related in-depth research; responds to inquiries, complaints and problems from property owners and the general public; resolves them by contacting appropriate organization or person/s for resolution;
Researches prior inspections for approval or disapproval, related to providing supervisor or other engineering staff information required to make a determination related to corrective action;
Works with contractor for testing of compaction, density or pound testing to ensure prescribed asphalt/base/sub-base contents and develops routine specifications for materials, construction, asphalt concrete design, and equipment plans; and performs sub-grade, base estimates to ensure construction compliance with specifications;
Annotates existing plans, provides estimates of quantities of materials to be used and converts to dimension measurements as appropriate such as square yards, tons or linear feet;
Assists the general public in person or on the phone with questions or concerns regarding inspection-related issues, applicable county, state, and federal policies and procedures, or provide general information;    
Responds to complaints and conducts inspections, investigations and surveys to identify and abate noncompliance with local, state and federal codes, laws, ordinances, rules and regulations;
Installs and operates equipment or instruments used for sampling and maintains equipment as necessary and further, maintains a database of said equipment;
Attends trainings for yearly required licensure credits as identified by the County/Department;
Correlates data and prepares reports required by regulatory agencies in gaining compliance with relevant laws, ordinances rules and regulations dealing with the specific program;
Notifies contractor of any required corrections or necessary clean up; trains contract workers as needed on the project assigned;
Creates a high quality work culture through participation in and emphasis on training and mentoring to develop leadership, management, and technical skills in self and all employees, including safety related training and skills and new trends/innovations in the field, ultimately ensuring subordinate staff maintains all required credentials up to date by ordering relevant books, holding meetings, and scheduling informational sessions or trainings;
Commits self to providing excellent customer service and demonstrate commitment through cooperative team and individual effort, including providing coverage, if assigned, during temporary absences by performing delegated duties sufficient to maintain continuity of normal operations;
Other Important Duties
Performs such other related duties as may be assigned.
Maintains a safe and healthy work place environment;
Drive throughout the County to project sites;
Functions as a member of a team or works independently;
As members of the County of El Paso Emergency Response System, all El Paso County employees are designated as Disaster Service Workers during a proclaimed emergency and may be required to train on emergency response and/or perform certain emergency services at the direction of their supervisor.

Job Summary

The County Inspection Supervisor, under supervision of the Director of Planning & Development, monitors, evaluates, conducts and supervises subordinates engaged in a variety of inspection-related activities on civil-construction projects and environmental health issues. The incumbent works to enforce all standards, regulations and processes identified in the County Subdivision Order & Design Standards, On-Site Sewage Facility Order and all applicable laws, policies, procedures, rules, regulations and statutes. The individual acts as the County's chief inspection administrator, while also managing an assigned caseload of inspection activity throughout the County.

Additional Information

Minimum Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Knowledge of: County organization, operations, policies and procedures; mathematics; inspection/investigation procedures, responsibilities, and techniques; applicable local, state, and federal laws, ordinances, policies procedures, rules, regulations principles; street maintenance, construction, and drainage, erosion, and sedimentation control measures, and County, State, and/or TXDOT construction regulations and safety codes; specification preparation, including standard construction and paving materials and equipment requirements; street maintenance and construction practices; street construction/reconstruction sampling and testing procedures; principles, practices and methods and enforcement of federal, state and local codes and requirements; calculation of cost estimates for resurfacing projects including materials, supplies, and personnel; some familiarity and experience with vehicles and construction equipment (to include backhoe,  loaders, dump truck); the principles and practices of consumer and environmental health functions; structure of public health and community organizations; and, consumer and environmental health rules and regulations; and practices of consumer and environmental health functions; English usage grammar, punctuation, and spelling; modern office procedures, methods, and computer equipment to include Windows and Microsoft based products.

Skill/Ability to:  perform work which consists of moderately complex, relatively standard tasks, processes or operations; make practical application of customary practices, rules, regulations, procedures or techniques that are directly relevant to the assigned tasks; and, make choices and take actions in performing a variety of relatively standard assignments or tasks; use tools and instruments required for work; prepare and present clear and concise reports; interpret oral, written, regulatory information dealing with codes, ordinances and standards; read, interpret, and communicate instructions; use initiative and independent judgment within established procedural guidelines; complete projects on time and within budget; operate personal computer using standard office operating software and general office equipment and various software applications; prepare and maintain records, maintain filing systems, compile and organize information; calculate cost estimates for projects including materials, supplies, and personnel; interpret laws, rules, regulations and requirements; read and interpret construction blueprints, plans, drawings, and related manuals; effectively meet and deal with people in a public health enforcement setting; obtain voluntary compliance with applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations; Pass a Criminal Background Investigation;

Each and every county position requires the following professional skills and abilities as key and necessary elements of performance:

  • Demonstrate regular and reliable attendance;
  • Work well with others and participate fully in a team oriented environment;
  • Interface with other employees and customers in a courteous and respectful manner;
  • Maintain strict confidentiality;
  • Project positive support of their department; and,
  • Maintain and enhance the County's commitment to customer service excellence.